3ie events

3ie hosts seminars, workshops and conferences in multiple locations across the world. These events focus on sharing the latest evidence, innovations in evaluations, systematic reviews, gap maps, replications and evidence use. They are a platform for vibrant discussions and debates between researchers, policymakers and programme managers on priority topics.

Upcoming events

Norad impact evaluation incubator 2023

Training 04 - 06 December 2023 Norad office, Oslo, Norway

Norad wants to increase the use of impact evaluations in Norwegian development cooperation, in order to enhance knowledge and learning. Therefore, Norad is inviting organisations with an agreement with Norad to apply for participation in a 3-day impact evaluation incubator on December 4–6. This event will be organized by Norad in cooperation with Development Learning Lab (DLL) & 3ie.

WFP Impact Evaluation Forum

Conferences 04 - 07 December 2023 Rome, Italy

Funders and partners are increasingly calling for greater proof that programs based on their investments are effective and value for money. WFP will bring together governments, donors, UN agencies, NGOs, academia at the WFP Impact Evaluation Forum to share new evidence, facilitate collaboration, and exchange experiences on WFP’s innovative work in impact evaluation. Organized within three streams, the event has three overarching objectives: Evidence, Partnerships and Learning.

December 2023

Impact Evaluation: There is a Different Way to Do It

Webinar 13 December 2023 Online Join the Humanitarian Assistance Evidence Cycle (HAEC) for a one-hour interactive webinar to launch a three-part Impact Insights webinar series. During the foundational webinar, the HAEC team will present on what impact evaluations can answer, relative to other evaluation types, and the importance of causal evidence in the humanitarian sector.

March 2024

Call for papers: Economics Writing Workshop on Micro-development in Africa

Workshop 15 March 2024 Africa

Nobel in Africa invites emerging scholars to participate in their symposium, “Micro-development research in the last 20 years: what have we learned?” and a writing workshop on 15 March 2024. Twelve scholars will be selected to attend the symposium and workshop, where they will have the chance to present their papers, receive feedback from their peers and select participants from the event. Travel and accommodation will be provided for the duration of the workshop. Applications are open to all scholars (including PhD students and postdocs) working in the field of micro-development.

Previous events

28 - 30
November 2023

What Works South Asia Conference

Conferences 28 - 30 November 2023 Online

Campell South Asia's What Works South Asia conference brought together experts and practitioners from the region to share insights and best practices on effective interventions. The conference’s objective is to advance the comprehension and application of evidence-based approaches to enhance the development of South Asia. The conference delved into crucial themes that play a significant role in advancing evidence-based policymaking and research. These include innovative research methods, evidence synthesis, capacity building, and knowledge translation.

November 2023
Washington DC

Evidence-Informed Decision-Making: The Legacy of FATAA and the Evidence Act for US Development Agencies

Event 15 November 2023 Washington DC

Two pieces of US legislation - the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act (FATAA) and the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (The Evidence Act) - stand out for their focus on the publication of accessible, timely data and the generation and use of evidence to help inform critical policy decisions. 

23 - 27
October 2023
In-person and Virtual

3ie at IDB’s 2023 Knowledge Week

3ie@external 23 - 27 October 2023 In-person and Virtual

Efficient use of resources, evidence, and data to inform decision-making, lessons learned, and continuous measurement and evaluation are critical. In this week-long event organized by IDB, world-renowned experts, networks, and global community came together to discuss and deliberate on development effectiveness.

17 - 20
October 2023
Ottawa, Canada

What Works Global Summit 2023

Conference 17 - 20 October 2023 Ottawa, Canada

The What Works Global Summit is the largest event of its kind, bringing together researchers, leaders in evidence-based decision-making and practitioners to share the latest evidence-synthesis research, research methods and practice strategies for improving the lives of individuals, families and communities worldwide.

Evidence 2023

Conference 13 - 15 September 2023 Entebbe, Uganda

Evidence 2023 was a three-day conference organized by the Africa Evidence Network (AEN) to facilitate engagement, broker understanding, and support impact of evidence-Informed decision making (EIDM) in Africa. Members of civil society, government, academia, and other development institutions will convene to push forward the agenda of reducing poverty and inequality in Africa through the support of EIDM.

11 - 14
September 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

ADB Evaluation Week 2023

Conferences 11 - 14 September 2023 Bangkok, Thailand The 2023 Asian Evaluation Week (AEW) aimed to focus on innovations in evaluation that contributed towards revitalizing and accelerating recovery processes within institutions and country systems. The theme for the 2023 AEW was Beyond Recovery: Evaluation for Development Effectiveness.

Changing the rules of the game: An introduction to the PIR Methods Menu

Conference 07 September 2023 Online Sustainable development usually requires changes in how partner countries use their own resources and regulate their economies. That is it requires policy and institutional reform (PIR). The importance of institutional quality to economic growth is a defining feature of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Global evidence for improving resilience and food security

Event 26 July 2023 Online Join us for a public discussion where implementation partners from the RFS for Programmatic Approaches (REAPER) project present findings from two of the largest comprehensive evidence reviews on agriculture-led growth and nutrition-sensitive agriculture to date.

27 - 30
June 2023
Lilongwe, Malawi and online

3ie at ANH Academy Conference 2023

Conferences 27 - 30 June 2023 Lilongwe, Malawi and online The Agriculture, Nutrition & Health Academy (ANH) Week bring together the community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the intersection of agriculture, food systems, nutrition and health. Its objective is to foster knowledge exchange, innovation, learning and uptake of interdisciplinary research.

Does WASH programming contribute to additional development goals?

Webinar 29 June 2023 Online In this event, we explored the extent and characteristics of the literature on the association between selected WASH intermediate outcomes and selected prosperity, stability, and resilience outcomes in L&MICs. The panellists also discussed reflections on the map, where additional research should be prioritized, and implications for future WASH programming.