Daniel Lopez de Romaña

Daniel Lopez de Romaña
Designation: Senior Technical Advisor, Nutrition International
Daniel Lopez de Romaña joined Nutrition International in 2017 and is currently the Technical Advisor for Fortification Data, Research and Evidence.

In this role, Daniel identifies gaps in existing data, and builds projects and collaborations to fill these gaps. He develops new research to advance fortification activities, and synthesizes and disseminates evidence to improve nutrition and health for adults and children, with a focus on women and adolescent girls.

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Mapping evidence and gaps in interventions reducing anaemia in low- and middle-income countries

In 2019, 269 million children under five, 32 million pregnant women, and over half a billion women of reproductive age were reported to be affected by anaemia. The condition causes adverse health outcomes, delayed cognitive and physical development in children, and reduced productivity which may lead to economic losses