Howard White lecture

The 3ie Howard White lecture series is being established in honour of Dr Howard White, the first executive director of 3ie. Howard successfully grew 3ie, from its humble beginnings in 2008, into an internationally renowned global non-profit grant-making organisation that funds policy-relevant, experimental and quasi-experimental, theory-based, mixed method impact evaluations and theory-based systematic reviews.

Each year, the 3ie Howard White lecture selection committee will invite a distinguished international development professional to deliver a lecture on a topic related to 3ie’s mission. Below you can find all the lectures in this series and web-links to the video recordings. 

These videos are also accompanied by a transcription of the lecture. 3ie requests all speakers to provide a copy of their lecture or agree to have 3ie transcribe the tape of their lecture and edit for publication.

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events.

Previous events

November 2018

Fifth Howard White Lecture

Howard white lecture 07 November 2018 London
Gonzalo Hernández Licona (CONEVAL and former 3ie board commissioner) presented challenges to setting up national monitoring and evaluation units and how evaluators have to work within political systems to create impact.

November 2017

Fourth Howard White Lecture

Howard white lecture 08 November 2017 London
Professor Charlotte Watts talked about the growing demand for robust evidence on how to address complex social phenomena, such as violence against women and girls (VAWG).

April 2016

Third 3ie Howard White Lecture

Howard white lecture 11 April 2016 London
In the 2016 Howard White Lecture, Leonard Wantchekon called for more rigorous evaluations of political institutions and policymaking and how they would work, referencing research he and colleagues did in Benin and the Philippines.

April 2015
Washington DC

Second 3ie Howard White Lecture

Howard white lecture 13 April 2015 Washington DC
In the second 3ie Howard White lecture, Deborah L Rugg used highlights from her 33 years of national and international professional experience to discuss the barriers she overcame and the tips on doing so in achieving important changes in policy and programmes.

October 2014

Inaugural 3ie Howard White Lecture

Howard white lecture 14 October 2014 London
Fieldwork is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see. The importance of going deep on context.