Bursary Programme

The bursary programme is part of 3ie’s effort towards building capacity in conducting and using high-quality impact evaluations and systematic reviews that can generate policy-relevant evidence. Bursaries are awarded to researchers and policymakers from low-or-middle-income countries for trainings and conferences organised by 3ie or other organisations. To date, 3ie have awarded over 1,000 bursaries.

For more information, read the 3ie bursary programme project document.


About 3ie's bursary programme

3ie regularly advertises opportunities for bursaries through open calls. These are open to all L&MIC stakeholders that meet the eligibility criteria. 3ie's members are also eligible for bursary support, but the application process is different. If your organisation is a 3ie member and you wish to apply for bursaries, please contact us for details on the application process.

Bursaries available for J-PAL/CLEAR course on evaluating social programmes

3ie is offering five bursaries to attend J-PAL/CLEAR South Asia’s annual executive education course on evaluating social programmes at The Claridges in New Delhi from 1-5 July. This course provides a thorough understanding of randomised evaluations and a step-by-step training on conducting evaluations. Coursework will also cover the importance of a needs assessment, theory of change, measuring outcomes effectively, quality control and monitoring methods that are useful for evaluations. This course is designed for managers and researchers from international development organisations, foundations, government and non-government organisations and trained economists looking to refresh some important concepts related to randomized evaluations.

To apply for the course and 3ie bursary, click here. Applicants who are selected to attend the course will automatically be reviewed for eligibility for the 3ie Bursary Programme. For each bursary award, 3ie will cover or reimburse the cost of course fee only. The last date for submission of applications is 30 April, 2019.

Bursaries available for Evidence to Action Conference 2019

3ie is offering three bursaries to nationals and residents of countries in the Middle East and North Africa region or in Sub-Saharan Africa to attend the 2nd Evidence to Action Conference and Exhibition in Accra, Ghana from 9-12 July. Participants in this conference will help identify and discuss accountability and responsibilities of stakeholders in the use of evidence to address developmental needs. The International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED), the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), the Ministry of Monitoring & Evaluation, Office of the President, Ghana along with several other organisations have partnered to organise this event.

To apply for 3ie bursary, you must submit your abstract to the organisers and have it accepted. The deadline to submit abstracts has been extended to 31 May.

If you have submitted your abstract, please review the terms of the award, eligibility criteria and the how to apply for a bursary on the organisation’s website. Download and complete the application form and send it to info@iced-eval.org.

3ie provides bursaries for trainings and conferences related to impact evaluations and systematic reviews such as the African Evaluation Association’s (AfrEA) international conference, Campbell Collaboration Colloquium, Cochrane Colloquium, and courses organized by CLEAR regional centres, and MEASURE-GEMNet.

To be eligible for a 3ie bursary, applicants must be nationals and residents of low- or middle-income countries. They must also be actively engaged in conducting impact evaluations or systematic reviews with local agencies, and not multilateral organisations. Additional eligibility criteria for, as defined by organizers, may also apply.

Bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis through open-calls for applications, which are announced on 3ie’s website and social media pages. In some instances, bursaries are limited to individuals nominated by 3ie’s affiliates.

3ie bursaries cover registration fees, a round-trip economy airfare, and accommodation. All other costs, including meals (not included in the registration fee) and visa application fees, are the responsibility of bursary participants or their employer. Bursary funding does not cover the cost of ground transportation, such as airport transfers or any other per diems.

For more information, please read the eligibility and travel policies.

I cannot thank 3ie enough for the opportunity to share my experience and learn from others at the ReLAC-REDLACME-IDEAS’ Joint Conference 2017 in Léon, Mexico. At the pre-conference workshops, I learned new methods/techniques of evaluation, which I hope I can implement in my work with the government and the communities in Indonesia. The learning during the conference was enlightening and it was great to see that attendants paid attention to the topics and issues I brought to the table —even received responses to issues that I were still to resolve.

- Yulianto Dewata , Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Consultant - ‎Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Indonesia

I would like to thank 3ie for granting me the bursary to participate in the Impact Assessment Training Seminar (SEIMAF) course by CLEAR- Francophone Africa in Abidjan from 10-21 December, 2018. This training helped me acquire important tools that will inform my work particularly in impact evaluation. Thank you again for investing in my future and that of my institution.

- Alioune Seydi , Monitoring and Evaluation manager, Projet de Développement d'une Résilience à l'Insécurité Alimentaire Récurrente au Sénégal (DRIARS). Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Equipement Rural.