Global Evidence Commitment

Global Evidence Commitment
27 October 2023

Global Evidence Commitment

We believe the use of rigorous evidence in project design, implementation and evaluation is a key component of ensuring aid dollars are well spent. The Global Evidence Commitment is an opportunity for leading institutions to commit to improving evidence culture and use in their organizations. 3ie is proud to facilitate the undersigned development partners and encourages other organizations to join us for mutual learning and support in making better use of rigorous evidence to improve the cost-effectiveness of projects. Please reach us at

We, the signatories, acknowledge that the consistent use of appropriate evidence throughout the programming and project cycle is a critical driver of the effectiveness of development interventions.

Examples of evidence-informed programming include:

  1. conducting problem diagnostics to determine which factors contributing to a development problem are most severe;
  2. developing evidence-informed theories of change, drawing upon systematic reviews of impact evaluations to determine which interventions have a track record of success;  
  3. making funding decisions informed by comparing the cost-effectiveness of proposed interventions against evaluated alternatives.
  4. conducting evaluations useful for adapting during the lifecycle of a project such as formative evaluation, process evaluation and A/B testing;
  5. building the global evidence base by conducting impact evaluations with cost analysis where there are gaps in research; and
  6. spurring innovation by piloting and evaluating new approaches to solving development problems.  

We furthermore acknowledge that the consistent use of appropriate and rigorous evidence by organizations is fundamentally influenced by institutional barriers and levers. We will continue to strive to understand and address these, including through training, resources, incentives, processes, and signals from the top, collectively known as TRIPS.

As part of its efforts to further the agenda of evidence-informed decision-making, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) is proud to facilitate this opportunity for leading development institutions to demonstrate their commitment to evidence use. 3ie commits to coordinating with the signatories to facilitate mutual learning opportunities and to support the implementation of commitments made here.

We, the undersigned, welcome other international development funders – donors, low- and middle-income country governments, and philanthropies – to join the Global Evidence Commitment. 


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