What drives us

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Learn about 3ie's vision, mission, values and our latest strategy that outlines our priorities in the coming years.

Our vision

Improving lives through evidence-informed action in developing countries.

Our mission

3ie promotes evidence-informed equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. We support the generation and effective use of high-quality evidence to inform decision-making and improve the lives of people living in poverty in low- and middle-income countries. We provide guidance and support to produce, synthesise and assure the quality of evidence of what works, for whom, how, why and at what cost.

Our Values

  • Inclusion; equality; and social, economic and environmental justice;
  • Questioning the status quo;
  • Innovation and learning;
  • High-quality, ethical research;
  • Respectful, ethical and safe work standards;
  • Rights-based evidence production and use;
  • Research transparency;
  • Ensuring gender equality;
  • Zero tolerance for any form of discrimination; and
  • Zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Strategy 2020

In 2017, 3ie reaffirmed our core vision, mission and values, as part of developing our current organisational strategy. We developed Strategy 2020 through a consultative process, involving our board of commissioners, members, partners, staff and other key stakeholders. We are contributing to improvements in the lives of people living in poverty through our three strategic priorities: supporting the generation and use of high-quality evidence in policy and programmes; improving the global policy environment for the generation and use of evidence from evaluations, synthesis and mapping; and growing 3ie sustainably. We will focus on increasing awareness of 3ie’s contributions to evidence-informed decision-making in international development.

Download the summary of 3ie’s Strategy 2020