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3ie hosts seminars, workshops and conferences in multiple locations across the world. These events focus on sharing the latest evidence, innovations in evaluations, systematic reviews, gap maps, replications and evidence use. They are a platform for vibrant discussions and debates between researchers, policymakers and programme managers on priority topics.

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Previous events

What Works Climate Solutions Summit 2024

Conferences 12 June 2024 Berlin, Germany

The What Works Climate Solutions Summit is a high-level conference for evidence-based climate policy that will take place from 9-12 June 2024, in Berlin. It will promote and catalyze synthetic evidence on climate solutions for upcoming climate change assessments- particularly the IPCC’s 7th Assessment Report- and other forms of scientific policy advice.

gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2024

Conference 03 - 07 June 2024 Online

The 2024 gLocal Evaluation Week, convened by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), is a unique knowledge-sharing event, connecting a global community of people across sectors and regions. This year, gLOCAL's theme focused on how evaluation can contribute to transformational change in two key ways: enhancing (policy) stakeholders’ understanding of this process and providing a platform to advocate for policy solutions that are more likely to contribute to it. 3ie will be participating in many sessions.

Geo4Dev Workshop: Woody Cover Estimation in Brazil using Synthetic Aperture Radar

Workshop 03 May 2024 United States
Geo4Dev is a joint initiative between CEGA, New Light Technologies, and 3ie. The Geo4Dev Workshop series features novel applications of geospatial analysis and how they can help inform social science and public policy-related questions.

May 2024

3ie at USAID's Learning and Evidence Month 2024

Conference 02 May 2024 Online
Join 3ie and other Global Evidence Commitment (GEC) partners as we welcome USAID as a signatory at the opening session of the Agency Learning and Evidence Month in May. The GEC is a pledge to improve the evidence culture and use in development organizations.

Teaching critical thinking about health: impacts and implications

Conference 25 April 2024 Online
In this 3ie Evidence Dialogues webinar, we discussed the results of impact evaluations of an educational intervention to improve secondary students’ ability to think critically about health in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Why and how to create an evidence gap map using sexual and reproductive health and rights as an example

Workshop 23 April 2024 Online
Evidence on global development programs often remains fragmented either by thematic areas of study, or by regions and populations. Evidence gap maps (EGMs) visually highlight where evidence concentrations and gaps exist in a sector or topic area and, in doing so, consolidate knowledge of these programs to inform future investments in research and programming.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights in L&MICs- an Evidence Gap Map

Webinar 17 April 2024 Online
The webinar discussed existing evidence and evidence gaps about interventions to support family planning, maternal and newborn care, sexual and reproductive health and choice, addressing gender-based violence, and access to SRHR information and services in L&MICs. This webinar focused primarily on the findings from the 3ie SRHR EGM. The EGM finds a significant and growing evidence base from which decision-makers can draw.

08 - 10
April 2024

Future of evaluation: Charting a path in a changing development landscape

3ie@external 08 - 10 April 2024 Online
Hosted by the Independent Evaluation Group and the Global Evaluation Initiative as part of the IEG@50 anniversary celebrations, this series of virtual conversations from 8 April to 10 April, 2024 will focus on the future direction of the evaluation practice, the questions it will have to answer, and the impact of new technologies for ever greater data gathering and analysis.

11th AfrEA International Conference

Conference 18 - 22 March 2024 Kigali, Rwanda
The 11th AfrEA International Conference will be held in Kigali, Rwanda from 18-22 March 2024. The theme for the conference is “Technology and Innovation in Evaluation Practice in Africa: The Last Nail on the Coffin of Participatory Approaches?”. The conference provides an opportunity for participants from Africa and around the world to submit and present papers and posters, chair panels, and facilitate professional development workshops.

Technical issues in integrating earth observation into impact evaluations

Workshop 21 March 2024 Online
This workshop, organized by GeoField in collaboration with 3ie, is a discussion-based workshop in which participants aim to tackle technical challenges together and find solutions for integrating earth observation into impact evaluations.