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3ie hosts seminars, workshops and conferences in multiple locations across the world. These events focus on sharing the latest evidence, innovations in evaluations, systematic reviews, gap maps, replications and evidence use. They are a platform for vibrant discussions and debates between researchers, policymakers and programme managers on priority topics.

Upcoming events

September 2020

Evidence Dialogues | Use of evidence in peacebuilding and transitional development assistance

Webinar 29 September 2020 3ie's Evidence Dialogues brings together some of the most experienced voices in the development community to discuss the role and importance of evidence in decision-making.

The impact of COVID-19 on sanitation behaviour in lower-income settings

Seminar 01 October 2020 Online This panel discussion will assess the impact of the pandemic on the gains achieved by the Swachh Bharat Mission. We are all encouraged to stay home and wash our hands. But, how does this goal interact with the dominant message of the Swachh Bharat mission: use toilets.

Previous events

15 - 18
September 2020

Delivering for Nutrition in India: Insights from Implementation Research

Conference 15 - 18 September 2020 Online At this event, participants reviewed evidence to inform the implementation of current policy and program initiatives. They also deliberated on ways of tapping into insights from implementation research to help strengthen the maternal and child nutrition initiatives in India.

September 2020

Do you have to ask? Innovations in data collection and analysis for impact evaluation when sample surveys and face-to-face interviews are challenging

Conference 10 September 2020 Online In this session organised by 3ie at the Asian Evaluation Week 2020, participants exposed to new techniques and methods of collecting information when traditional sources of data, such as surveys and face-to-face interviews are challenging due to costs, logistics or difficult environments such as during pandemics or in post-conflict areas.

Measuring our impact, SIWI World Water Week conference 2020

Webinar 24 August 2020 3ie hosted a panel discussion at the 2020 SIWI World Water Week to discuss the implementation and evaluation of projects meant to attain and maintain adequate water supplies in resource-restricted settings with a focus on challenges related to the evaluation of these projects.

July 2020

How is impact evaluation contributing to evidence use in low- and middle-income countries?

Webinar 08 July 2020 3ie executive director Marie Gaarder participated in a panel on what facilitates and inhibits the use of impact evaluation products in policymaking decisions organised by the Center for Global Development.

Impact evaluation for education interventions

Webinar 17 June 2020 This webinar provided an introduction to the field of impact evaluation and will cover key considerations for designing rigorous impact evaluations, managing them effectively to ensure quality, and engaging with stakeholders to maximise evidence uptake and use.

Using big data for evaluating development outcomes: lessons for evaluation during COVID

CEDIL 10 June 2020 In the talk, the authors will present a systematic map highlighting how big data are being innovatively used in measuring and evaluating development outcomes.