Will Ridlehoover


Senior Manager-Business Development and Strategy

Will oversees business development and strategy at 3ie, leading a team to develop new programs and partnerships that contribute to the organization's mission, growth and financial sustainability. Having managed complex international development programming and small business for over 10 years, Will provides support to 3ie leaders and associates to expand the organization's footprint across a broad portfolio of funders and partners. He brings a unique combination of implementation, business, and research experience that is well aligned with 3ie's commitment to both policy impact and rigor.

Prior to joining 3ie, Will worked for a number of organizations in the United States, Panamá, and Colombia, including the Outward Bound School, Peace Corps, the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme, El Motete Marketplace and Fundación Escuela Nueva. He also has experience teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics at an international baccalaureate school.

Will holds a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Montana, and an MA in Educational Planning, Economics, and International Development from the Institute of Education at University College London.