Rapid response and systematic review: A practical application to international development (workshop)

3ie and the Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE) at the University of Johannesburg will co-host a workshop where participants will work together to conduct a rapid systematic review in response to an evidence request on Intimate Partner Violence. The workshop will use an existing evidence gap map as its starting point and will focus on co-producing a rapid synthesis and response document.

9am-6pm, 15 October 2019
Hildalgo Room, Fiesta Americana Reforma, Mexico

In the run up to the WWGS workshop, 3ie and ACE will host three webinars to help inform the production process of the rapid systematic review. Attending these webinars is strongly advised for workshop participants, as they will focus on building key skills in data extraction, risk of bias assessment and synthesis. As part of the webinar, there will be some tasks for participants to complete over the weeks between the sessions. The course instructors will be available to answer questions between the scheduled webinars.

What will you learn from the webinars and the workshop?

  • Demonstrate/ test processes and methods to use evidence gap maps as a source for rapid systematic reviews
  • How to perform key synthesis tasks.

Workshop facilitators: Birte Snilstveit (3ie), Laurenz Langer (ACE) and Jennifer Stevenson (Education Endowment Foundation)

Webinar 1, 17 September, 2pm-5pm BST
Introduction and overview of evidence gap maps, rapid response and rapid systematic reviews
Watch the webinar here.

Webinar 2, 1 October, 2pm-5pm BST
Introduction to risk of bias assessment and issues in extracting data for systematic reviews
Watch the webinar here.

Webinar 3, 8 October, 2pm-5pm BST
Calculating effect sizes and meta-analysis
Watch the webinar here.