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Food System and Nutrition Evidence Gap Map

Evidence gap maps and syntheses are particularly important for helping researchers, funders, and decision-makers quickly digest massive amounts of information. Developed with support from Innovative Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA), the living EGM has been commissioned by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit's (GIZ) 'Knowledge for Nutrition' program.

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Intro: Towards economic empowerment and self-empowerment of women

3ie's Swashakt podcast series aims to explore the pathways towards economic empowerment and self-empowerment for women - primarily in India but also in other L&MICs.


3ie announces center to manage FCDO research investments

3ie announces centre to manage FCDO research investments

The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) is proud to announce the establishment of a new research commissioning centre to support the Research and Evidence Directorate (RED) of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). Led by 3ie, the University of Birmingham and an unmatched consortium of UK and global research partners, this centre will help manage strategic investments in science, technology and evidence. Over the next few years, FCDO will invest up to £25…

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3ie receives US$ 4.5 million grant from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott

11 November 2022
We are proud to share that 3ie has received a gift from MacKenzie Scott of US$4.5 million in unrestricted funds for organizational support. Ms Scott, in a medium post, announced her recent round of donations of more than $1 billion to 343 organizations that are “supporting the voices and opportunities of people from underserved communities.”  This is a significant contribution that will help us build a stronger 3ie, and further our mission of improving lives through evidence-informed decision-making. We will be working internally and with our partners to ensure we use these funds strategically and effectively.   “We are excited to be among a select group of organizations that have received generous support from Ms MacKenzie Scott. This recognition and support are hugely motivating and will enhance our ability to make more high-quality evidence publicly available." --- Marie Gaarder, Executive Director Over the last 14 years, 3ie has grown from strength to strength. We have diversified the types of research we produce, the sectors we work in, the geographies we focus on and the populations we serve. Thanks to support from our partners, we have managed to keep public goods like our Development Evidence Portal free for all users and to strengthen the capacity to produce and use evidence to improve development programs and policies. We are committed to continuing this work, and once again, welcome the support from Ms Scott and others. 

Remotely sensed data for efficient data collection

In light of the increasing demand for geospatial analysis in impact evaluation, the rapid recent advancements in access to geospatial and remotely sensed data and the development of new methods to convert this data into information that is fundamental of IE, 3ie and New Light Technologies Inc. have partnered to enhance the generation, use, and transparency of geospatial analysis in impact evaluation, with an emphasis on informing development decision-making and strengthening research capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

#Balanceforbetter: a pitch for gender and equity-focused evaluations

08 March 2019
On the occasion of the International Women's day, we are underscoring the importance of evidence on development interventions for promoting gender equity and women's empowerment. We remain committed to making gender and equity-focused evaluations front and centre.

World Toilet Day 2018

22 November 2018
Globally, 4.5 billion people live without safely managed sanitation and 892 million people practise open defecation (WHO-UNICEF, 2017). Poor sanitation can contribute to high rates of diarrhoeal disease and chronic infections that cause undernutrition and death in children in developing countries.

A cheap fix for climate change? Pay people not to chop down trees

The main findings from the 3ie-funded study mentioned just above were also published in The New York Times. The article quotes Seema Jayachandran, one of our grantees: ‘Unless you set up a randomised trial, where you’re carefully comparing people who take part in the programme with people who aren’t, it’s hard to know if you’re having any effect’.

The success of paying people to not cut down trees

This article discusses the main findings from a 3ie-funded study, Testing the effectiveness of payments for ecosystem services to enhance conservation in productive landscapes in Uganda, The authors find that paying landowners small sums did discourage tree-cutting and therefore worked to slow the pace of deforestation.