3ie Replication Paper Series Submission

3ie’s Replication Paper Series (RPS) is a publication and dissemination outlet intended to highlight and create a defined space for replication studies of development impact evaluations. 

The replications studies are published regardless of whether the findings support or question the results of the original paper. By encouraging researchers to undertake the replication of research in general, RPS contributes to the public good of improved impact evaluation research practices.

The latest publications in 3ie's Replication Paper Series can be found here.

Submission and acceptance process for independent submissions

Replication studies should be prepared according to the instructions for authors document below and submitted to replication@3ieimpact.org. Please refer to the instructions for replication paper series reports for an overview of the requisite style and structure of the final report. All submissions should  include the signed cover form listed below.

Instructions to authors document (87.9 KB)
Instruction for Replication Paper Series reports (496.3 KB)
3ie Replication Paper Series cover form (33.5 KB)

Upon receipt, the managing editor will review the submission to ensure the replication study:

  • Is of an impact evaluation included in the Impact Evaluation Repository
  • Includes measurement and estimation analysis and/or theory of change analysis in addition to the pure replication 
  • Is of acceptable quality and tone, and 
  • Reflects transparent communication between the replication researchers and the original authors. 

3ie policy for RPS

  • The RPS publishes in-house replication studies; replication studies funded through the replication windows, and qualified external replication studies. Any study included in the RPS must be a replication study of a development impact evaluation included in 3ie’s online Impact Evaluation Repository. For more information on the eligibility criteria for submissions to the RPS read the instructions to authors document.
  • 3ie encourages all replication researchers submitting to RPS to follow 3ie policies.
  • Researchers involved with any 3ie-funded study must follow 3ie’s policy for notification and communication with original authors. 
  • Replication researchers not funded by 3ie are required to submit a statement regarding their communications with the original authors as part of their submission to the RPS.
  • All selected studies are sent to the original authors for their review. 3ie will publish written formal responses online if submitted within a pre-determined time period.
  • Any such response from original authors will be reviewed by the RPS management for tone to make sure all statements are research-based. 

Assuming the above requirements are satisfied, the managing editor will send the replication study to at least one external referee. The managing editor and editor will also review the submission and may request additional inputs from 3ie’s technical staff, particularly for sectoral expertise. 

The managing editor will send compiled comments and revision requests to the replication researchers. The reviewer process iterates until the replication study meets 3ie quality and tone standards. The editor conducts a final approval review before publication. Upon acceptance, each study undergoes professional copyediting and proofreading.