Research transparency

research transparency

3ie has always been strongly committed to research transparency and open access to data. We are proud to be a leader in the growing movement to improve global standards for research transparency.

By research transparency, 3ie refers to posting research preregistrations, developing pre-analysis plans, creating replication files, reporting adequate information, ensuring complete citations and publishing open research.

3ie produces research – whether in-house or through grants or contracts – that clearly and precisely documents the data and methods used in the analysis and the materials used to conduct the study. 3ie’s Research Transparency Policy articulates our commitment to research transparency and aligns our policy with the transparency policies of our key funders.

Guidelines for 3ie-supported researchers

Our research transparency policy requires 3ie researchers to take the following actions:

  • Preregister their studies in the appropriate registry. For instance, impact evaluations must be registered in RIDIE.
  • Develop a pre-analysis plan before starting the study.
  • Ensure all materials supporting the claims made in reports, publications or other communication are available for purposes of replication, including push button replication by 3ie, and reuse of data.
  • Provide a comprehensive and transparent description of study context, design, analysis methods and results in study reports to ensure studies are reproducible and useful.
  • Adhere to appropriate citation of any data, programme code and other methods.
  • Provide unrestricted access to and reuse of all published research funded, in whole or in part, by 3ie.

This policy applies to any work that we may fund or carry out in-house, regardless of the funder or funding mechanism.

We welcome your feedback on this policy

We view this policy as a living document. If you have feedback or questions, please write to us at, with ‘RTP feedback’ in the subject line.

Useful resources

Here is a curated list of websites and guidelines related to research transparency useful for researchers:

A dialogue on transparency, open access and ethics in development research
3ie and the Sehgal Foundation organised a joint event to bring together over 110 policymakers, including government representatives, researchers and students to discuss transparency, open data and ethical values and issues related to development research. We organised interactive sessions on transparency and open access in research, ethics in the research life cycle and the state of open data in India. The event was held in New Delhi on 4 December.