Jorge Miranda

Designation: Former Research associate
Jorge Miranda was formerly responsible for the impact evaluation repository based in 3ie’s Washington, DC office.

Prior to joining 3ie, Jorge held positions at the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where he conducted research on cash transfer programmes and food security. His research at the IDB, combined with his practical experience in assisting smallholder farmers in Brazil has helped him develop a strong interest in agriculture and food policy. Before coming to Washington, Jorge spent two years working on community development projects in Togo.

Jorge holds an MA in International Development from the American University in Washington, DC and a BA in International Studies from Universidad ORT in Uruguay.

Blogs by author

Is impact evaluation still on the rise?

Since 2014, 3ie’s impact evaluation repository (IER) has been a comprehensive database of published impact evaluations of development programmes in low- and middle-income countries. We call the database comprehensive because we build it from a systematic search and screening process that covers over 35 indexes and websites and screens for all development programme evaluations or experiments that use a counterfactual method for estimating net impact.

Trends in impact evaluation: Did we ever learn?

In 2006, the Evaluation Gap Working Group asked, “When will we ever learn?” This week, 3ie’s Drew Cameron, Anjini Mishra, and Annette Brown (hereafter CMB) have published a paper in the Journal of Development Effectiveness that uses data on more than thirty years of published impact evaluations from 3ie’s Impact Evaluation Repository (IER) to answer the question.