M Zahin Shafiq

M Zahin Shafiq
Designation: Consultant, 3ie
M Zahin Shafiq supports the production of evidence gap maps and systematic reviews on various topics. He currently supports the DEP team and has previously supported projects on agricultural markets linkages, a HIV synthesis report, food systems evidence gap map and an irregular migration evidence gap map.

Blogs by author

Unveiling trends in impact evaluations across Latin America and the Caribbean

3ie’s Development Evidence Portal (DEP) team is writing a series of blogs designed to provide insights and explore regional trends from the data housed within the world’s largest repository for rigorous international development evaluations. Our first destination in this series is Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), a region ranking third in terms of the number of impact evaluations (IEs) with 1910. Here we provide a brief overview of the region, and we encourage interested users to utilize the DEP to do your own explorations.