Impact evaluations

These are final reports of 3ie-supported impact evaluations that assess the difference a development intervention has made to social and economic outcomes. We fund rigorous evaluations that include a theory-based experimental or quasi-experimental design, and we use the most appropriate mix of methods to capture outcomes and answer what works, for whom, why and at what cost.

Latest impact evaluation report series

Impact evaluation report series

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How education about maternal health risk can change the gender gap in the demand for family planning in Zambia

Impact evaluation 3ie 2019
This report seeks to evaluate the impact of an intervention targeted at married men in Lusaka, Zambia.

In search of the holy grail: can unconditional cash transfers graduate households out of poverty in Zambia?

Impact evaluation 3ie 2019
This impact evaluation assessed whether the effects of the Zambian government’s Child Grant Programme were sustained after households exited the programme. The authors find that the consumption and food security of the original households declined after the programme ended and positive effects had faded out two years later.

Increasing HIV self-testing and linkage to care for partners of women in antenatal care in Uganda

Impact evaluation 3ie 2019
This is an impact evaluation report on a programme in Uganda to increase HIV self-testing by having pregnant women in antenatal care deliver oral HIV self-testing kits to their male partners at home.

Improving the quality of care for children with acute malnutrition in Uganda

Impact evaluation 3ie 2019
The study evaluated the impact of supportive supervision for health staff and whether it improved health outcomes of malnourished children.

Impacts of increasing community resilience through humanitarian aid in Pakistan

Impact evaluation 3ie 2019
In this impact evaluation report, authors evaluated a humanitarian aid package aimed at building resilience of local communities and enhancing recovery and coping capacities.

Impacts of community monitoring of socio-environmental liabilities in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon

Impact evaluation 3ie 2019
In this impact evaluation report, authors evaluated a technology-enabled community intervention to enhance local communities’ detection, monitoring and reporting capabilities, and their ability to stake socio-environmental claims that result in adequate compensation.