Impact evaluations

These are final reports of 3ie-supported impact evaluations that assess the difference a development intervention has made to social and economic outcomes. We fund rigorous evaluations that include a theory-based experimental or quasi-experimental design, and we use the most appropriate mix of methods to capture outcomes and answer what works, for whom, why and at what cost.

Latest impact evaluation report series

Impact evaluation report series

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Promoting latrine use in rural Karnataka using the risks, attitudes, norms, abilities and self-regulation (RANAS) approach

Impact evaluation 3ie 2020
While the Swachh Bharat Mission in India has been successful in boosting latrine coverage, actual latrine use remains low in many areas of the country.

Impacts of low-cost interventions to improve latrine use and safe disposal of child faeces in rural Odisha, India

Impact evaluation 3ie 2020
Authors of this impact evaluation report examines the impact of a multi-level intervention on latrine use and safe child faeces disposal behaviour in rural Odisha.

Improving households’ attitudes and behaviours to increase toilet use in Bihar, India

Impact evaluation 3ie 2020
Authors of this impact evaluation report evaluate the impact of a behaviourally-informed intervention in increasing intent, and habit, of toilet use among toilet-owning households in rural Bihar.

Rebuilding the social compact: urban service delivery and property taxes in Pakistan

Impact evaluation 3ie 2020
Authors of this impact evaluation examine if strengthening the link between local tax collection and urban services by considering citizen preferences for services, earmarking revenue for services, and enabling local politicians can increase citizens’ willingness to pay for services, improve service delivery, and enhance local politics.

Rural institutional innovation: can village courts in Bangladesh accelerate access to justice and improve socio-economic outcomes?

Impact evaluation 3ie 2020
Authors of this impact evaluation report look at the impact of the Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh programme on improved access to justice, resolution of conflicts, access to justice, security and trust and, other socio¬economic and welfare outcomes in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Using big data to evaluate the impacts of transportation infrastructure investment: the case of subway systems in Beijing

Impact evaluation 3ie 2020
Using big data, authors of this impact evaluation report examine the social, economic and environmental impacts of the rapid expansion of the subway system in Beijing, China.