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Does community-driven development build social cohesion or infrastructure?

In community-driven development programmes, community members are in charge of identifying, implementing and maintaining externally funded development projects. This brief is based on the findings of a synthesis study that assesses how these programmes have evolved over the years and examines what their impacts have been.

The authors synthesised evidence from process evaluations and qualitative research to examine the factors influencing success and failure, as well as tested numerous assumptions, particularly the link between community participation and social cohesion.


What works to improve nutrition and food security in the Sahel?

Working paper Brief 3ie 2018
This brief summarises the main findings and lessons from a synthesis of four 3ie-supported impact evaluations of the World Food Programme’s interventions to improve nutrition and food security outcomes.


Evaluating advocacy initiatives: what works?

Working paper Brief 3ie 2018
This brief is based on a 3ie working paper that reviewed 56 impact evaluations and used positive deviance analysis to identify factors associated with successful advocacy programmes. It also summarises the paper’s findings on challenges related to evaluating advocacy and offers pointers for identifying suitable methods.