Our expertise

What we do

We are closing evidence gaps and promoting evidence use in high-priority development sectors and geographic areas and for vulnerable and marginalised populations. We do this by funding, producing and assuring the quality of evidence gap maps, impact evaluations, systematic reviews and replications. We also provide a range of capacity development services, help governments build effective monitoring and evaluation systems and actively monitor and measure how our evidence is used and its impact. We advocate for evidence-informed decision-making for equitable, sustainable development.

Help age india
3ie funds and produces evidence gap maps to improve decision-making to produce or synthesise existing evidence.
world bank
3ie funds and quality assures formative and impact evaluations of development programmes in L&MICs.
3ie produces and assures quality of theory-based systematic reviews of the effectiveness of development interventions.
Evidence impact
3ie increases access to, demand for and use of evidence by governments, parliaments, programme managers…
capacity development
We work with governments and other organizations to build their capacities in evaluation and evidence-informed decision-making
what we do services
3ie provides services to partners for supporting the generation and use of evidence.
3ie’s global advocacy helps ensure decision makers have quality evidence about what works when they need it.