WACIE Helpdesk

The WACIE Helpdesk, an initiative led by 3ie’s WACIE program provides rapid synthesis and evidence translation to help policymakers in West Africa understand what evidence exists for specific policy questions. It also connects them to additional resources, such as remote, telephone-based data collection or rapid-cycle program evaluations. The Helpdesk is staffed by 3ie with support from other experts when necessary. For more information, contact wacie@3ieimpact.org

WACIE Helpdesk

WACIE Helpdesk Rapid Response Briefs answer questions from West African policymakers about the design of development programming. Rapid Response Briefs identify and synthesize high-quality, context-relevant evidence surrounding which interventions are effective and how those programs should be implemented. Whenever possible, we rely on findings from systematic reviews, which combine results from all the relevant studies on a particular research question, yielding more reliable findings than individual studies. We supplement systematic reviews with evidence from impact evaluations and other studies from relevant contexts, especially from West Africa.

To submit a question, please contact wacie@3ieimpact.org.

Completed WACIE Rapid Response Briefs:

The WACIE Helpdesk: Promoting the use of impact evaluation evidence in decision-making

This presentation provides an overview of the WACIE Helpdesk, the methods it uses to produce Rapid Response Briefs responding to policymaker questions, and the first products produced by the Helpdesk.