Strengthening the use of evidence for development impact

Strengthening the use of evidence for development impactStrengthening Evidence Use for Development Impact (SEDI) started as a multi-year program that worked on increasing the use of evidence by policymakers in Ghana, Pakistan and Uganda. In partnership with country governments, this program aimed to develop capacity and promote innovation in increasing evidence-informed decision-making. SEDI was funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The program closed after two years due to funding changes.

The SEDI consortium was led by Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and comprised national, regional and international partners. The national lead organizations - Africa Centre for Economic Transformation in Ghana, Sustainable Development Policy Institution in Pakistan and Economic Policy Research Centre in Uganda, provided program leadership and coordination in each country. These national organizations were, and continue to be, authoritative voices in policy processes and will ensure effective engagement and a sustainable legacy for SEDI.

The regional and international partners, including 3ie, the Africa Centre for Evidence, African Institute for Development Policy, INASP, Overseas Development Institute and OPM, contributed their knowledge and years of experience in working with governments across the world to promote evidence-informed development.

3ie led the monitoring, learning and adaptation (MLA) component of SEDI. We worked with partners and the country teams to deliver a strong, innovative, gender-responsive and inclusive MLA system.

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