Douglas Glandon

Douglas Glandon
Designation: Chief - Strategic Initiatives, 3ie
Douglas guides and implements 3ie's strategic direction, with an emphasis on technical innovation and efficient, high-quality delivery of services to our partners. He also heads 3ie strategic initiatives, including in data innovations, cost evidence, and training.

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Using evidence in decision-making: Moving from commitment to practice by distinguishing evidence from any old data

The importance of evidence for decision-making is widely acknowledged, and an increasing number of organizations are stating this officially. This type of organizational signaling can be an important lever for improving the culture of evidence use. At the same time, acknowledging the importance of evidence is just the beginning; it does not entail any specific decision, action, or behavior.

Open technical questions in geospatial impact evaluations and why they matter

Geospatial impact evaluations offer deeper insights but also come with their unique set of challenges. As part of the GeoField community of practice, we are finding ways to unpack and address these by collaborating with individuals and organizations working across sectors. To that end, 3ie, AidData, and DevGlobal recently co-hosted a workshop with GIS experts to address key issues and best practices in response to technical questions received from participants before and during the session.

Generative artificial intelligence: Addressing five common misconceptions

You’ve probably heard or read about generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) and its revolutionary potential. Having productive conversations with a chatbot, something that was painful (at best) until a few years ago, has now become easier because of Gen AI models that can generate coherent, meaningful output in a matter of seconds.

New 3ie handbook for measuring cost-effectiveness in impact evaluation

Leaders and practitioners across the international development space have emphasized, re-emphasized, and re-re-emphasized the importance of integrating rigorous costing in

Expanding the frontiers of heterogeneity analysis: application of a machine learning method to a gender attitude change program

At 3ie, we recently tested a machine learning technique on a previously completed randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a school-based gender attitude change program in Haryana, India to answer this question. We share a few key findings and benefits of employing this method.