Katherine Quant

Katherine Quant
Designation: Research Associate
Katherine provides program management support to the HIV combination prevention program, the West Africa Capacity-building and Impact Evaluation (WACIE) program, and the membership program. She also supports business development efforts, knowledge management, and research transparency initiatives.

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Three ways you can start using remote sensing for measuring impact

Remote sensing has the power to transform and complement traditional approaches to impact evaluation. With the emergence of new technologies and the deployment of advanced sensors aboard satellites, there is an increase in the use of satellite imagery to measure impact in low- and middle-income countries across the world.

Mapping evidence gaps on human rights, civil society, and independent media

Human rights, a strong civil society, and independent media are cornerstones of open societies. To better inform decision-making in these areas, 3ie is developing Evidence Gap Maps (EGMs) on each of these three topics.