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WAEMU national evaluation systems

Promoting the production and use of high-quality development evidence depends on a clear understanding of each the institutions responsible for evaluation work in each country. Drawing from the expertise of our on-the-ground focal points in each WAEMU country and a scoping study conducted by a Johns Hopkins University team, WACIE has developed resources to understand the evaluation landscape in its priority countries. For each country, we have identified the key structures involved in evaluation work, as well as the strengths of those institutions and the challenges they face.


3ie has created factsheets on the national evaluation systems in each of the eight WAEMU countries. These will be revised as new information becomes available. Click on the country for more information on the national evaluation systems.


Burkina Faso
Côte D’Ivoire

What are the principal types of evaluations?

Ex-ante Evaluation
Mid-term Evaluation
Ex-post Evaluation
Impact Evaluation
Benin Frequent Frequent Frequent Rare
Burkina Faso Frequent Frequent Frequent Rare
Côte d’Ivoire Frequent Frequent Frequent Rare
Guinea Bissau Frequent Frequent Rare Rare
Mali Rare Frequent Rare Rare
Niger Frequent Frequent Rare Rare
Senegal High Rare Rare Rare
Togo Frequent Frequent Frequent Rare

What is the institutional evaluation structure?

Country Organisation Institution
Benin Office for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Analysis of Government Action (BEPPAAG) General Secretariat of the Presidency
Burkina Faso Directorate General of Economy and Planning (DGEP) Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Development
Côte d’Ivoire Department of Control,Monitoring and Evaluation (DCSE) Ministry of Planning and Development
Guinea Bissau Directorate General of Planning Ministry of Planning and Development
Mali Technical Unit of the Strategic Framework for Poverty Reduction (CT/CSLP) Directorate General of Planning and Finance
Niger   Ministry of Planning
Senegal Directorate of Planning (DP)/Directorate General of Planning and Economic Policies (DGPPE) Ministry of the Economy, Planning, and Cooperation
Togo Department of General Studies (DEG) Ministry of Planning and Development

Scoping study and literature review

To examine and document evaluation capacity and needs in eight countries under the WACIE program, 3ie commissioned Johns Hopkins University to conduct an exploratory study to examine the situation in terms of demand and supply of impact evaluations, experiences and infrastructural capacities for the implementation and use of evaluation results. The findings of this exercise have been compiled into a report that has been made available in English and French.

Read the scoping report in English | Read the scoping report in French

Read the learning summary in English | Read the learning summary in French