3ie ~ International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

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Meet the Team

The 3ie team is spread across New Delhi, London and Washington, DC.

3ie staff  are organised in the following teams: Advancement and Impact Evaluation Services team; Evaluation team; Finance, Reporting and Administration team; Policy, Advocacy and Communication team; Programme team and Synthesis and Reviews team. View 3ie's organogram

Advancement and Impact Evaluation Services

Anna Heard

Senior Evaluation Specialist, HIV/AIDS programmes

Email: aheard(at)3ieimpact.org


Evaluation Team

Finance, Reporting, IT and Administration Team

Ditto Joy

Programme Officer - Monitoring, Donor Grant Management and Reporting

Email: djoy(at)3ieimpact.org


Policy, Advocacy and Communication Team

Beryl Leach

Deputy Director – Policy, Advocacy and Communication

Email: b.leach(at)3ieimpact.org


Programme Team

Synthesis and Reviews Team

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